You can either enter via the main reception or use the single door entrance just along from the Gambaru reception. This door is automated and entrance and exit is controlled by a key fob or pin issued to individual members. It is important that your membership payments are kept up to date; otherwise the door will not open. Only Circuit Express members and Gambaru staff will be able to use these stairs during normal opening hours. This door is also used by Gambaru’s 24 Hour Members when our reception is closed. Using the pin or the fob to gain access is a simple process and we’ll show you how to use it when you join.

Only one member can enter or leave at a time. It is a condition of your membership that you do not give your pin or fob to anyone else. Where are the classes held? The classes are held in the Gambaru Studio, and airy studio with a high ceiling and windows to the front. The studio is adjacent to the main Circuit Express area.