The property you want to buy will also

be a huge factorcollage of houses the lender considers

before making a mortgage offer. Not all

properties are built equally and not all

lenders lend against all properties

Some lenders won’t lend on homes

above, adjacent or even near commercial

premises. The property not having a

working bathroom or kitchen (even if you

plan to refurbish) is another no no. Above

a certain storey in a high rise, on a council

estate, or if it doesn’t like the construction

method of the building or even the one

next door.

Interrogate the estate agent, they should

know what properties their buyers have

struggled to finance in the past and they

should also know all the details about the

property they are selling. Is it classed as being

of non-standard construction for example? If

so, what type of non-standard construction is


Here at Mortgage Advisory Network we know

which lenders are happy to lend against the

different types of property and can save you

time and money paying for a valuation only

for your application to be declined.